Lindsy is Brew Crew Official

On August 16, 2013 Lindsy and I exchanged “I do’s” at Youngberg Hill Winery in front of our family and friends.  It was an incredible feeling to share such a monumental occasion with people that have loved/supported me on my journey (some from the very beginning and others at different stages).  As Geoff (our officiant, brother-in-law and one of my groomsmen) pointed out it was likely the last time all of those people, collectively, will ever assemble again.  Such a unique and epic moment!

Everyone told us it would go fast but there was nothing we could have done to prepare ourselves for just how fast it went.  My advice to anyone on the big day is to live in the moment, enjoy every second and smile. We spent nearly a year planning everything down to the smallest detail and then it was over in a matter of hours.  It was all a whirlwind but I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

kiss the bride we did it

Thank you to our parents Jerry & Joni, Steve & Lisa and Jody & Teresa for loving, supporting us and making it all possible.  Thank you to Geoff for such a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony (I might not remember everything you said but I’ll never forget how I felt).  Thank you to our wedding party for supporting us and for standing next to us.  Thanks to those of you that gave such thoughtful speeches.   Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors who made our vision a reality:

 Ana (

 Hailey (

 Craig (

 Colin & Casey (

Aaron (DJ)

And of course, thank you to all of our guests for making the trip and sharing in the experience.

The night may or may not have ended with Lindsy and I teaching everybody how to Dougie.


It truly was the best day ever.

best day ever

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