Contact: jbrewington13@gmail.com

Born and raised in Eagle Point, graduated from the University of Oregon and now reside in Portland, OR.

Lindsy is my wonderful life partner and we are the proud parents of a Chihuahua mix named Riley and a German Shepherd named Abby (our furkids).  Yes, we are crazy about our dogs and  treat them like children.  I cashed in all my good karma for these girls.

my loves
Lindsy and Riley
Abby and I
Abby and I

I am open minded, diplomatic, a holistic thinker, love trying new things and I am passionate about continual improvement/learning.

My interests include: football, basketball, bass fishing, reading, weight lifting, running, hiking, dogs, hip-hop, relationship building/management, marketing, branding, business strategy and UO Sports. Go Ducks!

I like to share my thoughts primarily on business, sports and dogs.

Love. Unity. Respect.


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