Bass Fever

After nearly a four year hiatus I have returned to one of my favorite hobbies: bass fishing.  I’ve been attempting to catch anything that swims since I was old enough to wrangle a fishing pole.  I learned the trade from my father and have been crafting the art ever since.

While I was at the University of Oregon I was one of the founding members of the University’s bass fishing team which we established as a recognized club sport.  Although a much bigger deal today, it was still a really great thing to be a part of.

Upon graduation I moved to Portland where I began my professional career and consequently lost touch with all of my bass buddies.  My love for the sport never wavered but without anyone to share my passion, coupled with my lack of knowledge for local fisheries, my collection of rods and tackle ended up in storage amassing too many years of dust.

Through random conversation with my friend Phil, I recently discovered his desire to try his hand at bass fishing.  Now that I found a buddy I just needed somewhere to go!  Through the power of Google and thanks to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife I was able to uncover this invaluable piece of information: 50 places to fish near Portland

After purchasing new gear and dusting off my existing equipment I was prepared to dive back in.  See some of my purchases listed below:

Berkley Powerbait Tackle Bag

Shimano Citica Low-Profile Reel (actually purchased from Bi-Mart)

Berkley Amp Rod

Quantum Nitrous Rod and Low-Profile Reel Combo (rod not pictured)

The stars aligned, my fire has been re-lit and my fever is more severe than ever before.  In just a few short weeks Phil and I have been to Hagg Lake, Bethany Pond, St. Louis Ponds and Wilsonville Pond.  We haven’t had as much success as we would like but we are diligently navigating and learning the landscape.



Our recent excursions have reminded me how fickle bass are and how difficult they are to catch which is a large part of the appeal.  We will continue to work our way through the list of 50 places (with bass).  Wish us luck!  Stay tuned to monitor our progress.

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  1. Love it! I am glad we get to share this hobby. We are only a few casts away from landing a PIG. I can feel it!

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